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OUT   E •

Hint : What's on my head is what we call a mwarmwar, and I put roses in it for my other side.

What are you?

While some may find this question offensive when asked, I've learned you can make it into a fun game.

I like to see what people come up with.

Here's a tally from the past couple years:
Mexican (8)
Cuban, Venezuelan,  etc. (5- They like to ask how my country's doing)
Filipino (7)
Native American (5)
Egyptian (3)
Arabic (3)
Israeli (2)
Half Black, half white (2)
Argentinian (1)
Syrian (1)

As a melting pot of my ancestors, there's a duality between feeling a part of multiple cultures and feeling cast out from not fully fitting into each culture.

It's a weird enigma.

But in the enigma can develop confidence of being in my skin while also building an appreciation of all cultures.

So, care to venture a guess?